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Payton has been dying to sleep over her buddy Karlies palace, but her daddy is highly protective.

He ultimately violates down and lets her, only if hes allowed to meet her parents first.

Payton was beyond ecstatic and they got in the car to head over right away! The fathers beat it off instantaneously, and Karlie couldnt help notice how buff and red-hot paytons dad was.

Things were sure to get interesting from here. In the meanwhile, the nymphs retreated to Karlies room where they began texting dudes and sending bare images and videos.

It was all in great joy, until Karlies daddy saw what they were up to. He barged into the apartment, accused them of being lesbians, and called Paytons daddy so they can bod out how to penalize them.

He came over promptly, and was berated and told his daughter was a bad impact on Karlie.

When they called the ladies downstairs to explain themselves, they were focused on proving to their dads they were not lesbos.

They straddled each papa stiffly and commenced to blow their weenies, then get their taut vags poked until grounding was no longer an option.

These dolls sure know how to get out of grief! And into some steamy gooey fountains of new jizz….

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